Let's find out what mistakes are made in newsrooms systematically and learn to avoid them. We have received several requests to work, essay writing service UK, more and more, tips for the candidate to write a good essay and avoid making mistakes that are crucial to the good performance in his texts.
With that, we ask our teachers to bring their experiences so they can assist our students in textual production. This time, who gives special tips is Professor Ferreira. Come on!
Who does not exercise, trembles
This tip may seem a little obvious, but there are still people who do not practice writing for public contests. Writing well is not a gift, on the contrary, it is the result of a lot of reading and writing practice.
One tip is to write at least one essay a week, to develop a critical sense, the result of reading from various sources of information such as books, newspapers, websites, magazines, among others.
The topics chosen to write an essay are always current, and some are very controversial. There are also cases in which the contest organizers present themes related to the institution that you offer the contest.
An example is the test for the Federal Police, in which the wording may be related to a theme related to National Security, to National Policy, or even to actions of the corporation itself.
Portuguese errors
Spelling, concordance, semantics, punctuation, cohesion and syntax errors are inadmissible. There are those who confuse the use of oblique pronouns and write “for me to do”, for example. The candidate must be careful not to make the mistake of writing as they speak. Writing requires more arbitrary rules, within the cultured norm of the language. In order not to make mistakes, the candidate must be aware of grammatical norms.
Limits established
Every institution that organizes public tenders makes clear the structural rules of the newsroom, such as line limits (ranging from 25 to 30) and their size. The candidate must strictly obey these criteria, professional essay Writing, otherwise he may compromise the score. In this way, nothing to write more than established or to write outside the lines.
There are those who do the essay first and then the test or vice versa. Each candidate has his own pace to answer the questions and develop the essay text. The candidate must be careful with the time on the day of writing, as there will be two evaluations that he will make in the same time period stipulated for a single exam. One must be aware that writing an essay involves thinking about the arguments, elaborating the structure of the text, considering a proposal for the possible theme and even thinking about a title appropriate to the subject.
Escape the theme
It is not uncommon for candidates to write topics entirely outside the wording proposal. This results in the annulment of the evidence. The fact may occur due to the lack of understanding of the suggested theme. To avoid this mistake, the candidate must read and re-read the proposal, considering the context of the subject, that is, how this theme is presented in the test.
Click phrases and expressions
One of the differentials that contributes to a great grade in the writing is creativity and originality, that is, authorial writing, which differentiates the writing from one candidate to another. This can be achieved with a lot of practice, which reduces the chances of using phrases considered cliché. Also called "buzzword", "phrase-made" or "commonplace", they are known to most people and do not add new information to the text, such as "we need to change the world" or "these days", or still “currently”, “concluding”, among others.
Lack of review
To ensure the writing, do not forget to read the text after its production, to make sure that it does not deviate from the proposed theme, that the title (if requested) is consistent with the theme and that the text is easy to be read and understood. Remember that to write an essay well is to write in a simple and objective way. When reading, Dissertation writing service, put yourself in the evaluator's place and make sure that he will understand your writing easily.